Energy Trading Week 2021

There was a real sense of excitement at Energy Trading Week, and not just from all of us being allowed to meet up at an in-person event. The energy markets continue to dominate headlines and keep us all on our toes.

Things are changing fast - between energy transition and net-zero, pricing pressures and digitalisation, there's lots to consider. At General Index we're passionate about helping companies reduce and control critical benchmark data costs for the long term, by providing transparent, accurate and comparable replacement indexes.

General Index Data

Our technology-led, compliance friendly approach offers a fair and immediate alternative to the traditional high-cost incumbents today. Our proven solution has already been adopted by many industry players, and is now paving the way for the new benchmarks of tomorrow. We would love to show you more, share our experience, and provide you with a complimentary trial: We can support you and your business with dramatically lower benchmark data costs, forever.