ICE Launches three E10 Futures Based on General Index Price Assessments

26 June 2023

General Index (GX) are pleased to announce that ICE today launched three new trading instruments for the gasoline E10 market – the grade that reflects blend stock to be blended with 10% ethanol to produce finished grade gasoline - based onGeneral Index price assessments. The contracts launched today are:

Gasoline Outright - Eurobob Non-Oxy Gasoline NWE FOB Barges (GX) Future     
Gasoline Outright - Eurobob Non-Oxy Gasoline NWE FOB Barges (GX) Balmo Mini Future     
Gasoline Outright - Eurobob Non-Oxy Gasoline NWE FOB Barges (GX) Mini Future

"We are delighted that ICE has chosen General Index as a price provider for these E10 contracts. This is a testament to the quality, reliability and transparency of our price assessments. We look forward to working with ICE to support the development of these markets.”

Neil Bradford, Founder and CEO, General Index

“Our primary goal is always to provide the most complete suite of energy derivatives to meet our customers risk management and trading needs. We’re happy to offer GX’s E10 assessments alongside ICE’s extensive range of deeply liquid crude and refined products, centred around the world’s largest and most liquid crude oil contract in the world, Brent, providing meaningful margin offsets for maximum capital efficiency.”

Jeff Barbuto, Head of Global Oil Markets, ICE

About General Index

General Index brings robust, reliable price transparency to global markets. As the world’s first technology-led benchmark provider, General Index receives and aggregates trade data to build a full view of market activity, and then applies algorithmic index methodologies consistently, accurately and without subjective judgement. General Index is authorised by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority(FCA) as a benchmark administrator and complies with EU and UK BenchmarkRegulation.

About ICE

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