Key indexes

General Index provides comparable benchmarks to replace existing high-cost incumbents, offering an alternative to existing industry standard prices. Based on market-accepted methodologies, these GX comparable benchmarks are fully interchangeable with existing benchmarks. We use a rigorous and consistent Methodology Framework to produce all of its indexes, augmented by Methodology Factsheets outlining the specifications of each index.

GX also provides new benchmarks to solve the industry's evolving pricing needs, working with market participants to create new indexes as required by changing dynamics. The first of these are the Global Crude Index (GCX) and the Cross Atlantic series (CAXs) comprising crude, gasoline and diesel.

Global Crude Index (GCX)

General Index has developed a new crude index to better reflect market conditions and the shifting roles played by the three major benchmarks in the producing areas of the world.

Cross Atlantic Crude (CAXC)

Crude Cross Atlantic benchmark comprised of Brent and WTI, with the relevant futures contracts providing the value underpinning the index.

Dubai / Oman Basket

Reflection of Saudi crude price reference basket

Dubai Partials

Daily market value of 25,000 barrel clips of the Dubai basket

Oman Partials

Daily market value of 25,000 barrel clips of Oman crude

Eurobob Oxy

Eurobob Oxy is the key European marker for physical gasoline barges in North West Europe and reflects preoxygenate blendstocks suitable for E5 blending.

Jet Fuel NWE FOB Barges

GX calculates jet fuel indexes for the barge and cargo markets, utilising end-of-day assessment processes. 

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