Receiving General Index data

General Index was founded in the belief that using benchmark data should be a simple, painless process. With that in mind, we deliver data and insight through a wide range of platforms including all major commodity data aggregators.

Our unique commercial model helps clients to get maximum value by providing a wide range of delivery options for the same subscription.

General Index data is designed for ease of access through an industry-leading range of channels.


Our powerful yet easy-to-use REST-ful API allows our customers effective integration into front-, middle- and back-office systems. The API allows ability to query for metadata as well as download time series with full history and corrections available.  Click here for more information on the API.

General Index Python SDK

For more analytical use cases, the Python SDK allows users to directly query General Index data in a fast, programmatic way. Designed for commodity analysts, developers and data scientists, the software development kit enables integration in minutes. To get started, you can download the package from PyPi here.

Email Alerts

Get notified seconds after data is published with our suite of General Index Price Alerts. Our Benchmark services provide additional data and content summarising the key data from the days trades.

ICE Chat Alerts

Key Price Alerts are also distributed via ICE Chat to give market participants immediate insight shortly after market close.

Microsoft Excel

The General Index data extraction tool for Microsoft Excel gives users direct access to download data - seconds after it is published. There is no executable software or macro download required, and the software is highly intuitive and easy to use using native Microsoft Excel functionality. Download the data extraction tool here.

delivery methods

General Index partners with companies through energy and commodity technology platforms to provide seamless access to our data.

Have a suggestion for a new data aggregator?


The Bloomberg Terminal brings together real-time data on financial markets, breaking news, in-depth research, powerful analytics, communications tools and execution capabilities. Customers can combine the functionality of the Terminal with the accuracy of fully-integrated General Index data.

General Index, LSEG logo.


LSEG provides information, insights, and technology that enable customers to execute critical investing, trading and risk decisions. The company combines a unique open platform with best-in-class data and expertise. General Index data is fully integrated into LSEG’s solutions for commodity professionals including, Eikon, RDMS and DataScope Select.

Snowflake logo


Snowflake enables customers to experience the benefit of the Data Cloud. Utilising General Index data on the Snowflake Data Marketplace gives users direct access without needing to transform it and ability to join datasets with their own data.

North Gravity logo


NorthGravity is a leading analytics cloud platform for the global commodity analytics industry. The platform allows users to dramatically lower time-to-market and set-up costs and is suitable for a range of tasks from heavy data science workloads. General Index price data can be effortlessly included into models and outputs.

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Morningstar data warehouse and software allows users to get even more value from General Index’s commodity benchmarks. General Index data is available in Morningstar Microsoft Excel Add-in, Publisher, Workflow Manager and Markets, the customisable web-based dashboard.

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ZE Power Group

ZEMA provides the easy access, analysis and transformation of General Index data as part of the daily workflow in commodities management. General Index data is available throughout the data management, analytics, automation, and integration platform.

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