Our people are our power, and we pride ourselves on providing a challenging, fun and exciting environment for all of our teams around the world.

We're a venture-backed business with offices in London, Singapore, Houston and plans to expand into Krakow, which gives us a real mix of experiences and cultures that enable all of us to constantly learn and develop.

We're always on the lookout for enthusiastic individuals who want to join a fast-paced and fast-growing business.

Neil Bradford - CEO and Founder of General Index.

"It was on holiday three years ago that I made the decision to found General Index. Actually that’s not quite right. It wasn’t a decision, more of a compulsion.

As many entrepreneurs have told me since, founding a company is less of a hard-nosed business decision, and more like a calling. In my case, that calling was to fix commodity price benchmarks.

Now, three years later, our team has grown into the world's first tech-native, regulated benchmark provider, used by over half of the world's largest energy producers and traders.

Bringing competition and choice to the marketplace is what drives us, and I'm extremely proud to be a part of such a skilled and passionate team who share in the vision of bringing real change to the way in which the world's energy resources are used."

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If you enjoy a more agile and personable business that is partnered with some of the world’s largest IOCs, NOCs and global traders, and supported by industry experts and leading technology, then General Index might be the company for you.

We are a growing company and are always on the lookout for new or recent graduates for both Energy and Data Analyst positions in our London, Singapore and Houston offices.  

We post all of our roles here, however, if you can't see a role you are interested in and would like to send us your CV, then please email  


Energy Analyst

Hybrid working
Victoria English
Business Development

"Being invited to join as part of the founding team of GX was a huge honour. From January 2020 our very small team worked tirelessly to create everything from the ground up. All we had was a name, everything else had to be built. This gave me a fantastic opportunity to use the full range of my accumulated professional skills – from regulatory and compliance, business development to sales and marketing – drawing together my experience across energy, public policy, law and market data sectors.

Together the start-up team tackled complex questions around where to be corporately headquartered given the evolving realities of a post-Brexit UK, how to create business processes incorporating the new regulatory framework for energy benchmark providers which could be used in exchange listed financial contracts, and the not so complex questions - such as which CRM system and website platform to use that would see us through the next growth stages!

I had always wanted to work in a start-up environment having previously been in medium sized global businesses and wanted to contribute from the early stages to the major growth scale-up phase. From watching my father run his own business growing up – I knew I wanted to experience having a seat at the decision-making table.

The first year of GX was unexpectedly challenging with the national lockdowns due to the global pandemic stifling our ambitious business development, but we continued to push through adversity and stay focussed on our company mission. Our Founder and CEO Neil Bradford led us calmly through this difficult first year and I am so proud of where we are now four years in.

From one of the first employees, I am now part of a 50 person company across four offices in London, Houston, Singapore and Krakow, with a growing proportion of women across the team. Since our first products – European Gasoline and Middle East Crude – were ready to go to market, I have led business development and sales with some of the world’s largest independent oil companies, national oil companies, and global consultancies.

As we branch into other areas including energy transition, I now work with a number of global strategic partners aligned on seeing real competition, technological innovation and choice in price benchmark data.  
The world of global geo-political energy markets and fast-developing technology are endlessly fascinating and ever changing, making this an incredibly interesting company and sector to work in. My role provides an excellent range of opportunities to travel and to meet with a very interesting and diverse range of people - predominantly across global energy markets, and increasingly branching into financial and other sectors through new industry partnerships.

My experience at GX is that there are vast opportunities available to everyone across the global teams – that’s the beauty of a lean team with big ambitions - and in my role I am given a lot of remit to take on as much responsibility as I can. It’s fantastic to feel impactful within my team, across the business and working with GX clients."

Introducing some of the female talent at General Index

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