General Index is focussed on providing fair access to high quality commodity information. We provide both alternatives to existing benchmarks, and new benchmarks where we see the need for innovation and creativity.

Our alternative benchmarks provide our clients with the opportunity to reduce their spend while maintaining existing market practices; our new benchmarks provide an opportunity to contract on indexes that have been designed and stress-tested to reflect market reality under a range of market conditions.


The LPG service from General Index provides insight into water-bourne markets and will be of relevance to Europe, Asia and the US. Included are the CIF Large Cargoes assessments for both Propane and Butane in north west Europe.

General Index, US crude

US Crude

US crude markets are becoming increasingly influential around the world and require more targeted and consistent methodologies in order to bring transparency and choice to benchmarks that for many years have only been available through bundles and cost-prohibitive subscriptions.General Index brings the world's first technology-driven US crude assessments, backed by industry expertise and market-accepted methodologies, to allow market participants in the US and globally to trade the way they want, while only paying for the data they need.

General Index, Global Market Analysis

Middle East Crude

The Middle East Crude service includes a report with a mix of pricing, trades and exclusive industry information aimed at oil producers, equity holders, term lifters and oil traders.  It can be used for price tracking, insight into official selling price expectations and other market information. Includes daily Dubai and Oman partials prices, released shortly after market close, and our in-depth analysis and full set of indexes released later in the day.

Oil tanker.

European Crude

The North Sea represents a historically-important crude-producing region which has served the Northwest European refining hub – and markets beyond – for decades. The spot price reference for light sweet crude in this market remains a vital benchmark for global commodity trading. The General Index European crude module comprises the Dated Brent spot price, as well as spot price assessments for the constituent five grades.

European Refined Products

Europe accounts for around 15% of global refining capacity and is a significant net exporter and importer of refined products through seaborne routes. As accurate price discovery is an essential component of spot trading, General Index publishes daily price indexes for the wholesale North West European and Mediterranean refined products markets.  Certain refined product indexes are calculated through a volume-weighted average methodology, while others are calculated through an end-of-day assessment process. Certain jet fuel, gasoline and gasoil indexes are available on a free trial basis to allow companies to review our indexes as an alternative refined products data source. Please enquire to find out more.

General Index, Global Market Analysis

US Refined Products

General Index delivers daily price indexes for North American refined products. The indexes comprise the most liquid grades within the light distillate, middle distillate and gasoline markets and reflect standardized barge and cargo volumes as typically traded in the spot market. All General Index US refined products indexes are based on market-accepted methodologies and are therefore fully interchangeable with existing benchmarks.

 General Index, Marine Fuels

Marine Fuels

Tech-led, port-level delivered marine fuel prices for 500+ bunkering locations in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and the Americas. Prices are based on a historic data set of 40,000+ data points, with several hundred additional data points ingested daily, reflecting market activity across the globe. These trades and indications, normalised for intra-day crude price movements, are cleansed for anomalous activity, and automatically processed into benchmark prices in a matter of minutes.

Oil tanker docked.

Global Indexes

The first in our series of new benchmarks to solve the industry’s evolving pricing needs, Global Crude Index (GCX) provides a reliable benchmark for crude oil on a truly global basis, limiting the impact of localised factors in any one region.  The GCX index reflects the respective production volumes of crudes which price off or link to the three main tradeable benchmarks - Brent, WTI and Oman - via their respective liquid futures contracts, and the impact their output has on the associated contractual linkages.  

The Cross Atlantic Crude (CAXC) benchmark comprises Brent and WTI, with the relevant futures contracts providing the value underpinning the CAXC index. It supports the Global Crude Index by providing a regular snapshot of the trading dynamics between Europe and North America.

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