General Index is focussed on providing fair access to high quality commodity information. We provide both alternatives to existing benchmarks, and new benchmarks where we see the need for innovation and creativity.

Our alternative benchmarks provide our clients with the opportunity to reduce their spend while maintaining existing market practices; our new benchmarks provide an opportunity to contract on indexes that have been designed and stress-tested to reflect market reality under a range of market conditions.

Rigs at Cromarty Firth

European Crude

The European Crude module includes the daily Dated Brent spot price, as well as spot price assessments for the constituent five grades. CIF and FOB. Also includes BFOE forwards, CFDs and Dated Brent to Frontline data.

General Index, US crude

US Crude

US crude assessments providing price transparency for key North American markets. Prices are based on an all-day volume-weighted average spanning key grades and locations across the Gulf Coast, Texas, and the midcontinent: Diffs, Outrights, USWC postings and Mexico prices.

General Index, Global Market Analysis

Middle East Crude

The Middle East Crude service includes a report with a mix of pricing, trades and exclusive industry information aimed at oil producers, equity holders, term lifters and oil traders. Includes daily Dubai and Oman partials prices, released shortly after market close, and our in-depth analysis and full set of indexes released later in the day.

General Index, Refinery Image

European Refined Products

Daily benchmarks and forward curves for the wholesale North West European and Mediterranean refined products markets. Certain refined product indexes are calculated through a volume-weighted average methodology, while others are calculated through an end-of-day assessment process.

General Index, GMA 28 October

US Refined Products

General Index delivers daily price indexes for North American refined products. The indexes comprise the most liquid grades within the light distillate, middle distillate and gasoline markets and reflect standardized barge and cargo volumes as typically traded in the spot market.

General Index, NWE Indexes

Asia Refined Products

Daily Asian refined products assessments for  FOB jet fuel, gasoil and fuel oil products.  Physical spot and swap benchmarks benefits a range of audiences, including traders, refinery operators, producers, airlines and the maritime industry. 

General Index, LPG Tanker


The LPG service from General Index provides insight into water-bourne markets and will be of relevance to Europe, Asia and the US. Included are the CIF Large Cargoes assessments for both Propane and Butane in north west Europe.

General Index, Marine Fuels Image

Marine Fuels

Tech-led, port-level delivered marine fuel prices for 500+ bunkering locations in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and the Americas. Prices are based on a historic data set of 40,000+ data points, with several hundred additional data points ingested daily, reflecting market activity across the globe.


General Index hydrogen price data provides insight into three of the world’s key energy pricing hubs: Northwest Europe, Asia and North America. The prices are constructed using production cost-based models, based on actual energy feedstocks supplied to the respective technologies.

General Index, Global Marine Carbon

Global Marine Carbon

Robust, consistent, data-driven benchmarks for monitoring vessels' CO2 emissions and their associated costs across various classes and routes. Working with Signal Ocean, emissions estimates are calculated on a voyage by voyage basis using live vessel tracking data, combined with vessel specifications and detailed consumption curves

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