Methodology Framework

Version 4.4
March 2024
1 Introduction
1.1 Methodology is code
1.2 Introduction to Assessment Series
2 Methodology
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Criteria and procedures that are used to develop benchmarks
2.3 Collection and usage of input data
2.4 Guidelines that control the exercise of judgement and use of models and extrapolation
2.5 Procedures and practices that are designed to ensure consistency between its assessors in exercising their judgement
2.6 Relative importance assigned to each criterion used in benchmark calculation
2.7 Criteria and procedures that address assessment periods where one or more contributors submit input data that constitute a significant proportion of the total input data for that benchmark
2.8 Criteria according to which transaction data may be excluded from a benchmark calculation.
2.9 Explanation of use of subjectivity in price assessments
3 Quality and Integrity of Benchmarks Calculations
3.1 Product Specifications
3.2 Verification of input data
3.3 Quality and Integrity Monitoring
3.4 Integrity of the Reporting Process
3.5 Supervision of assessors and release of benchmarks to the market
4 Changes to Methodology
4.1 The procedure for internal review and approval of GX methodologies, as well as the frequency of such review
4.2 The procedure for external review of GX methodologies
5 Cessation of a Benchmark
6 Ensuring Consistency and Continuity
6.1 Arrangements to ensure consistency
6.2 Continuity and Succession Planning
7 Compliance and Oversight Framework
7.1 Oversight of Methodology
7.2 Corrections
7.3 Conflicts of Interest
7.4 Confidential Information
7.5 Modern Slavery
7.6 Sanctions
7.7 Data Security
7.8 Staff Training and Attestations
7.9 Monitoring and Audit
7.10 Business Continuity
8 Complaints Handling