European Crude

The North Sea represents a historically-important crude-producing region which has served the Northwest European refining hub – and markets beyond – for decades.

The spot price reference for light sweet crude in this market remains a vital benchmark for global commodity trading. The General Index European crude module comprises the Dated Brent spot price, as well as spot price assessments for the constituent six grades.

European Crude data from General Index is delivered through our consistent and FCA regulated methodology – offering complete affordability and long-term peace of mind.

By combining industry expertise and leading technology, we deliver professional-grade oil price assessments calculated using the market accepted methodologies. 

Our team in Europe collectively brings decades of experience and knowledge of benchmark provision. This combination allows General Index to produce highly accurate and transparent daily pricing which is already trusted by some of the world’s largest IOCs and NOCs.


The daily European Crude data will benefit a range of global audiences: 

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Oil producers
Track market value of regionally-produced grades
Oil traders
Keep informed on spot prices
Tax authorities
Robust price data for tax calculations
Series 1: Brent

A podcast from General Index that aims to shine a light on pricing.
In series 1, we investigate the world’s most recognised price for crude oil – Dated Brent. But why Brent? How did an oil field off the coast of Scotland become so pivotal in global oil pricing?

Delivery and key prices

The European Crude prices are published daily (subject to the General Index holiday calendar) and made available to our clients via industry renowned direct data feeds and email. 

All prices are printed in USD/bbl and normalised via internal calculations to reflect market value as at 1630 UK time.

*As of 2 May 2023, the methodologies for the FOB and CIF indexes for GX Dated Brent (GX0000968 and GX0000969) will be inclusive of trading activity for WTI Midland crude in Northwest Europe.

General Index will also publish two new Dated Brent indexes: one reflecting solely BFOET grades (
GX0011094) and another reflecting BFOET and Johan Sverdrup grades (GX0011097). CIF equivalents of the latter two prices will also be published, respectively as GX0011113 and GX0011115.

Dated Brent FOBNorth Sea Prompt StripBrent Ninian Blend (BNB) FOBForties FOBOseberg FOBEkofisk FOBTroll FOBJohan Sverdup FOBDated Brent CIFBrent Ninian Blend (BNB) CIFForties CIFOseberg CIFEkofisk CIFTroll CIFJohan Sverdrup CIFDated Brent Original FOBDated Brent Original CIFDated Brent Johan Sverdrup Inclusive FOBDated Brent Johan Sverdrup Inclusive CIFWTI Midland FOB North SeaWTI Midland CIF Rotterdam

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