North American storage pricing

Unique energy commodity storage pricing spanning more than 10 energy hubs.

The GX North American storage tank pricing module features over 35 indexes covering products such as heavy ends, light/ medium/ heavy crudes, gasolines, distillates, and blendstocks.

Utilising our proprietary technology, transactional data is gathered and stored in the GX 'Data Lake' daily to produce indexes.

We take into consideration bids/ offers/ trades at each location to determine liquidity when creating an index.

Contract dates must also start within six months of the transaction data in order to be considered for index creation.

Audiences & FEATURES

Our North American tank storage indexes will benefit the following groups of market participants:

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GX exchanges
GX Brokers
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Financial institutions

Users of the indexes will gain unique insight into the cost of tank storage across key trading hubs in North America, including:

Houston, Los Angeles, Midland, New York Harbor, South East Louisiana, and South Florida.

delivery and key prices

The data is published daily (subject to the General Index holiday calendar) and made available to its subscribers via direct data feeds and emails to its customers.

All prices are in USD and normalised via internal calculations to reflect market value at close (1630 Houston).

Technical details can be found in the relevant factsheets.

Factsheets (coming soon)

Daily assessments reflecting the market value of tank storage in relevant locations.

Click the indexes below to view the factsheet/methodology.