US Crude

General Index's US crude assessments provide price transparency for key North American markets.

Prices are based on an all-day volume-weighted average spanning key grades and locations across the Gulf Coast, Texas, and the midcontinent.


US crude markets are becoming increasingly influential around the world and require more targeted and consistent methodologies in order to bring transparency and choice to benchmarks that for many years have only been available through bundles and cost-prohibitive subscriptions.

General Index brings the world's first technology-driven US crude assessments, backed by industry expertise and market-accepted methodologies, to allow market participants in the US and globally to trade the way they want, while only paying for the data they need.


Our US crude benchmarks will benefit the following groups of market participants:

General index, Rig IconGeneral Index, Traders IconGeneral Index, Refinery
Oil Producers  
Tracking daily prices of key spot market grades used as references to index differentials
Oil Traders
Remaining informed on spot market movements and arbitrage opportunities
Oil Refiners
Remaining informed about price movements that impact crude supply economics
delivery and key prices

Our US crude prices are published daily (subject to General Index holiday calendar) and made available to customers via direct data feeds and emails.

All prices are printed in USD/bbl and normalised via internal calculations to reflect market value as at 1700 EST. Technical details for each of these key grades can be found in the relevant factsheet.

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