US Refined Products

Daily price indexes for North America's most liquid grades.
General Index delivers daily price indexes for North American refined products. The indexes comprise the most liquid grades within the light distillate, middle distillate and gasoline markets and reflect standardized barge and cargo volumes as typically traded in the spot market.

All General Index US refined products indexes are based on market-accepted methodologies and are therefore fully interchangeable with existing benchmarks. 

Certain refined product General Index indexes are calculated through an all-day market midpoint methodology, while others are derived through an end-of-day assessment process.

We also develop new benchmarks in response to market needs in conjunction with industry stakeholders and to provide greater transparency across US refined products markets.
We provide indexes for Colonial at Pasadena and Linden, and via Buckeye and Barge deliveries. The methodologies for these indexes are based on transactions across the entire trading day and valuations at the market close. In line with standard spot market practice, General Index assesses gasoline in regional spot market differentials and outright cash terms using the daily NYMEX RBOB futures contract settlement price.
Jet Fuel 
We price jet fuel indexes for pipeline and barge markets in Houston and New York, utilizing end-of-day and all-day assessment processes. US indexes are derived from market activity at various delivery points for different transportation modalities. Jet fuel is assessed as a differential to NYMEX ULSD futures, in line with standard spot market practice, and outright prices are calculated by combining the two.
General Index provides indexes for the diesel markets in North America, utilizing market close and all-day assessment processes. Our indexes reflect 10ppm ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD) and ultra-low sulfur heating oil (ULSH). In line with standard spot market practice, Indexes are distributed in outright prices and differentials to the NYMEX ULSD futures contract for pipeline deliveries in Houston and pipeline and barge deliveries in New York.

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