Voluntary Carbon Indexes

Price baskets for carbon credit projects.

The GX voluntary carbon indexes module establishes clearer links between carbon credit quality and price - leading to greater liquidity for higher-quality carbon projects and increased transparency in the market to help it scale.

Partnering with global ratings agency BeZero Carbon, we use carbon credit price data for individual projects, then aggregate data provided by BeZero's carbon ratings to create ‘price baskets’ for carbon credit projects. Explore BeZero's individual project ratings here.

Alongside our BeZero partnership, we also provide the market with prices aggregated by scheme, technology and vintage to provide even wider pricing oversight.

Audiences & FEATURES

Our voluntary carbon indexes will benefit the following groups of market participants:

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GX exchanges
GX Brokers
GX Project Developers
Project developers
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Financial institutions
GX Corporate Buyers
Corporate buyers

Users of our GX voluntary carbon indexes will gain unrivalled insight into the voluntary carbon market, which encourages greater liquidity in better quality projects – allowing investment to scale in the projects that genuinely will make a difference to the environment.

delivery and key prices

The data is published daily (subject to the General Index holiday calendar) and made available to its subscribers via direct data feeds and emails to its customers.

All prices are in USD/ MTCO2e and normalised via internal calculations to reflect market value at close (1630 London).

Technical details can be found in the relevant factsheets.

Factsheets (coming soon)

Daily assessments reflecting the market value of a range of voluntary carbon credit baskets.

Click the indexes below to view the factsheet/methodology.

The Price of Everything: Voluntary Carbon Markets

Sebastien Cross, Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer on the first episode of The Price of Everything podcast season 2.

The Voluntary Carbon Markets (VCM) was the focus in episode 1, and Sebastien took us through a range of topics including an intro the VCM, clarity around quality, price formation and heaps more!


BeZero is the carbon ratings agency.

Its ratings and risk products equip world-leading organisations with the knowledge, tools and confidence to make better climate decisions. Its aim is to scale investment in environmental markets that deliver a sustainable future.

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