Asia-Pacific LPG

The Asia-Pacific region’s busy spot market is central to a high-consuming region that continues to expand.

Following CFR and CP Cargoes assessments for both Propane and Butane, true to the General Index philosophy, our focus is on providing low-cost, high-quality LPG benchmarks that follow market-accepted methodologies enabling easy adoption.

The Asia-Pacific LPG report will benefit the following groups of market participants:

General Index Term Lifters Icon
LPG spot traders and term lifters – tracking daily prices used in spot trading and term contracts
General Index Petrochemical Icon
Petrochemical producers – maximising inventory levels and feedstock yields using daily pricing information
General Index Gasoline Icon
Gasoline blenders – tracking daily butane prices for inventory economics ahead of blending season
General Index Refinery Icon
Refineries and equity holders – remaining informed about key price changes and market fundamentals
General Index LPG Icon
LPG fuel distributors – keeping up with spot trading to help inform downstream contracts

Key price assessments (see below)

Market insights -
details of General Index pricing logic to maintain transparency and neutrality, framed by larger fundamental viewpoint of oil markets

23kt and 46kt cargoes - delivered to Chiba, Japan

Relevant swaps data

Delivery and key prices

The data is published daily (subject to General Index holiday calendar) and made available to its subscribers via direct data feeds and emails to its customers. All prices are published in USD/MT.

Technical details can be found in the relevant factsheet.

Propane Far East CFR Cargoes
Daily market spot value of Propane in Asia-Pacific region
Butane Far East CFR Cargoes
Daily market spot values of Butane in Asia-Pacific region
Propane Middle East CP Cargoes
Daily Propane cargo values of the Middle East Gulf in Asia
Butane Middle East CP Cargoes
Daily Butane cargo values of the Middle East Gulf in Asia
Mixed Propane Butane Far East CFR Cargoes
Average of the prompt delivered Propane and Butane cargo market in Far East Asia

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